Spotting Yossi 2019

A private diary of the actor Yossi Banai which tells his life in his own words and looks at the passing time

Length 72 minutes
Language Hebrew, English

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Thirteen years after his death, the great Yossi Banai comes to life for one final encore. A cinematic memoir pieced together from numerous archival materials – films, plays, radio shows, songs and stage performances – this personal documentary is led by Banai’s deep iconic voice. An actor, singer, writer and director, Banai represented the pure essence and contradictions of Israeli culture: an atheist from a religious family, a native that insisted on importing European motives and a consensual Israeli figure that wasn’t afraid to take a political stand. From childhood to death, through love, family and life on the stage, Yossi Banai directs the spotlight on to his own image.


Executive Producers Kobi Farag, Morris Ben Mayor Directed by Kobi Farag, Morris Ben Mayor Written by Morris Ben Mayor, Kobi Farag, Shauly Melamed Edited by Morris Ben Mayor, Shauly Melamed Production & Research Shir Helena Rosen Original Music Jonathan Bar Giora Colourist Aharon Pe'er, RGB Sound Design & Mix Yossi Appelbaum, DB Studios Graphic Design Merav Shacham Supported by Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, The New Fund for Cinema and Television, HOT8

Awards and Festivals

  • Jerusalem Film Festival, Official Competition 2019
  •  Nominated, Ophir Award (Israeli Academy Awards), Best Documentary
  • Won, Best Editor, the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum Awards – Morris Ben-Mayor and Shauly Melamed 2019
  • Won – Best Original Music, the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum Awards – Jonathan Bar Giora 2019
  • Docu.text Opening Film, Jerusalem, Israel 2019
  •  DocAviv, Galilee at Ma’alot-Tarshiha 2019

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