Ben-Mayor & Farag Studio was established in 2016 by Kobi Farag and Morris Ben-Mayor. Following their collaboration on Farag’s debut film Photo Farag, the two founded a documentary studio in Tel Avivץ Together They co-produced and co-directed the films Private Album (2018), Spotting Yossi (2019) Queen Shoshana (2021) anf The Center (2023). 

Studio team

Morris Ben Mayor

Morris Ben Mayor

A director and editor for film and television. He is an Academy Award winner for the best editing of the documentary series Kirshenbaum Diaries. Since 2016 he co-owns Ben-Mayor & Farag, a documentary film studio, and had co-directed alongside Kobi Farag Spotting Yossi (2019), Queen Shoshana (2021) and The Center (2023). He won the Israeli documentary forum award for the best editing of Spotting Yossi.

Kobi Farag

Kobi Farag

An Israeli director and actor from Tel Aviv. His debut film Photo Farag was nominated for best documentary in the Ophir Israeli Academy Awards of 2016. Photo Farag was first to show Farag’s unique voice. His observation between archives to culture, photography to cinematography. Later Farag co-directed Spotting Yossi, Queen Shoshana and The Center With Morris Ben-Mayor.

Amit Erell

Producer and director. Bachelor’s degree in cinema at Sapir College. Engaged in distribution and production at the Ben Mayor & Farag studio
She previously worked at “News 12” as a producer in the Magazine news
Directed and edited a documentary film “Remembering Marrakesh” which was screened at the Jewish Festival in Berlin and the Jewish Festival in San Francisco and which came out as a feature film in 2023 in Kan Israel

Itai Jamshy

a young Israeli filmmaker, garnered attention with his acclaimed short film “Aloof” in 2021, earning recognition and several awards abroad. With a commitment to storytelling evident in his work, he’s currently directing his efforts towards his BFA graduation film and several documentary project

Din Vintrove

Screenwriter and Editor. BFA Graduate from the Tel-Aviv University School of Film and Television. Directed and wrote two short films “VOID” and “Comes Off Tomorrow”, which participated in various film festivals in Israel and around the world. Has a journalistic background, starting in the GLZ Radio, and then grew in the media world as an editor at YNET and “Kan” 11

Former Team

Eliezer Slutzky

Editor, producer and a researcher of broadcasted news. Worked for GLZ radio, where he was in charge of special programs, and won awards. Slotki is an expert  in character research and historical archives

Liron Amir

A producer and Screenwriter based in Tel Aviv. She Graduated from the Steve Tisch Film School at Tel Aviv University, where she studied screenwriting. Amir works as a producer and a distributor in Ben-Mayor Farag Studio. She worked in PR for films, theatre, television and festivals. She was also a producer and researcher at GLZ Radio

Shauly Melamed

A director and editor based in Tel Aviv. Melamed Studied in the Steve Tisch film school at Tel Aviv University. Between 2019 to 2023 he was part of Ben-Mayor & Farag studio. He won the documentary forum awards twice – on editing Spotting Yossi (2019) alongside Morris Ben-Mayor and for the best short Documentary for his film Mini-DV, which came out as a feature film in 2022 in Kan Israel and Lev cinema. Shauly also edits fiction films. He edited Concerned Citizen (Idan Haguel) that preimiered in Berlinale Panorama and Savoy (Zohar Wagner), which he had won an Ophir Academy Awards for best editing in 2022.