Photo Farag 2016

The story of the Farag family and the first photo empire of Israel

Length 77 minutes
Language Hebrew, English

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Tel Aviv, on the corner of Dizengoff and Arlozorov. Everyday many Israelis walk by the photo shop that was once glorious and remains engraved in the collective memory as the epitome of family and wedding photos, but few know the story behind it. Member of the youngest generation of the Farag family, director Kobi Farag went on a journey to discover the family history. By digging in the private archives,he peeled layer by layer to reveal the story of ten brothers and sisters who immigrated from Baghdad in the fifties and climbed the ladder of success from their lives in the transition camp to a luxurious home. In his own way, he tries to solve the riddle of the painful disintegration of the family that drifted apart. ​


Production Company Inosan Productions Executive Producer Moshe Danon Directed by Kobi Farag Written by Gidi Weitz, Morris Ben-Mayor, Kobi Farag Edited by Morris Ben-Mayor DOP Roee Farag Producers Dorit Pearl and Ayelet Imberman Colour Aharon Peer Original Music Avi Belleli Sound Design Michael Emet Graphic Design Merav Shacham Supported by Yes Docu and The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts - Israeli Cinema Project

Awards and Festivals

  •  Jerusalem Film Festival 2016 – Van Leer Competition
  • Nominated – Best Documentary, Ophir Israeli Academy Awards
  • Won – Best Photography, the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum
  • Official Selection – Sydney World Film Festival
  • Golden Remi – WorldFest – Houston international Film Festival
  • Silver Award – Spotlight Film Awards, Atlanta

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