Queen Shoshana 2021

The story of the singer Shoshana Damari, the first Israeli diva that was a living legend

Length 110 minutes
Language Hebrew, English

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Alongside Jaffa oranges, the late Yemenite-born singer Shoshana Damari was Israel’s biggest export during the 1950s and 1960s. A wife and a mother, Damari put her international career first – a decision which labeled her an uncompromising feminist but also came at a heavy personal cost. This fascinating new film looks at the life, work and legacy of a much beloved Israeli icon.


Produced by Ben-Mayor & Farag films Directed by Kobi Farag, Morris Ben-Mayor Written by Shauly Melamed, Morris Ben-Mayor, Kobi Farag Edited by Morris Ben-Mayor, Shauly Melamed DOP Roee Farag Production Manager Ofri Bar-Ilan Art Design Gigi Ophir Original Music Jonathan Bar-Giora Research Shauly Melamed, Kobi Farag, Morris Ben-Mayor Supported by HOT8, NFCT foundation and The Gesher Multicultural Film Fund

Awards and Festivals

  • Opening Film, DocAviv Festival 2021
  • DocAviv Festival 2021, Official Competition
  • Nominated – Best Film, the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum 2021
  • Nominated – Best Original Music, the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum Awards 2021 – Jonathan Bar Giora

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